New Pieces–Yet To Be {re}imagined


This is an antique music paper stand. It is so cute! I can totally [re}imagine this in a beautiful Cream/Old White combo.

This Antique Music Paper Stand, once {re}imagined will be $125.00


This dresser needs some serious love. Someone painted it in some sort of faux stone paint. So sad. it is a rock solid antique dresser, for pity sake. Brian has already begun the sanding of this guy. It will be gorgeous when I get done with it, promise! If you are looking for a really well-made dresser, let me know you want it and we can choose the colors.

Painted, distressed and waxed this beauty will be $ 175.00 (that is a deal! amazing quality!)


I don’t even know where to start with this piece. It reminds me of the beautiful antique sideboard that I could have sold at least seven times. It is a super solid and heavy antique sideboard/buffet. It is in awesome shape.

It has come to our attention that this beautiful piece of furniture is valued at a much higher price than we thought!  (thank you, faithful readers 😉  We have researched and have seen them selling for anywhere between $400 and $1500.  We have not set a price as of yet.  If you are interested in this piece, as is, please make an offer and we will consider it.  We still are unsure if we should let it go or not.  Thank you.


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One response to “New Pieces–Yet To Be {re}imagined

  1. DIANE

    I am still interested in the buffet. I wish to purchase it. 🙂

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