Help Me Plan a Class!!

I received a lot of interest in the possibility of a class on the basics of {re}imagining your own furniture.  I am very excited about this and want just a little  more feedback from you in the hopes of accommodating as many of you as possible.

Currently I am planning on the class including hands-on instruction, your very own pack of brushes, the use of my paints and the opportunity to do your own small project.  I would love to have a lunch (depending on the time of day) as part of our time together.  I am considering the cost of the class to be $40.00 per person.  Please answer the following questions to help me firm up the planning of the class.





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3 responses to “Help Me Plan a Class!!

  1. What are you thinking we can make? I’d love to do a framed chalkboard or a large wood tray with handles for the coffee table. Or could we each bring an item we want to work on?

  2. I’m really looking forward to the class!

  3. Sheryl Fagerlin

    As I would be traveling a distance, a 10:00 class would be great, with a break for lunch. A week day other than Tuesday would work for me. This would give young moms adequate time to get the children off to school and still be home before they would arrive in the afternoon.

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