Let’s Pick a Date For the Painting Class!

One last question for determining the date of the class!  We had very good feedback and it looks like there is interest for a class before the end of the year and after.  So, two classes it is!!

Fill in the poll below by Wednesday, November 2, 2011 midnight!  Which ever has the most interest is the date I will choose! I will post the official date on Thursday!



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3 responses to “Let’s Pick a Date For the Painting Class!

  1. Hope

    FYI – I may have voted twice. 😦 I would prefer the Nov. 19th, but if that doesn’t work best for everyone else. I’ll do the one after the first of the year!

  2. Stacy Mitchell

    What is the class all about??

  3. HI Stacy, the class is an intro into painting furniture and home decor. I will show various methods of {re}imagining your own pieces and it is a hands on class, where you get to try out some of the things we are going over. Many people have suggested that i teach a class and this is the fruition of that. Does that help?

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