Mr. {re}imagined

I had intended to keep this blog business, but I can’t help but spill my heart out.  Really, I try, but I just can’t help myself Winking smile

I just wanted to give honor where honor is due.  You see, Mr. {re}imagined and I have been married twenty-three years today!  I believe myself to be the most blessed woman in the world to be married to him.  If you are interested you may read why in this post.

But for now, I just want to say Happy Anniversary my sweet!  And to let you all know that for our special ‘date’ we went “picking”!!!  Yes, see what I mean about how blessed I am?  What kind of man willingly and with great bargaining finesse  (if I do say so myself) takes his wife “picking” for there anniversary?? Yep, Mr. {re}imagined does!

As soon as we can get the van unloaded I will put up some pictures, but you are going to have to act fast if you want something you see.  I am not going to list these individually in my ‘yet to be {re}imagined’ section, as I am going to be painting them right away. 


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  1. Hope

    Congratulations! Happy Anniversary!!!

    I am also blessed with a wonderful husband, 41 years as of Monday the 7th, who will go “pickin” and “thriftin” with me on our anniversary or any other day! So blessed!!!

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