NEW PIECES About To Be Painted!

Okay, as promised, here are the new pieces we got yesterday on our Anniversary date!  Yes, we went picking!  I love my man.

They are all so totally cool.


Antique dresser!!  So cute!


Two antique oak chairs . . .  a super-duper solid heavy-heavy rounded chair. (did I mention heavy?)

Adorable nesting tables!  Super solid and well made.



Two old doors to soon be chalkboard doors!


Two matching end tables and another end table. I have been looking for  tables with super cute ‘Frenchy’ legs.  I squealed when I saw these!


Matching coffee table and end table.


Here is my favorite one.  I have an affinity for these type of dressers.  Love the sides.  Very old antique dresser.


Look at the details on those nesting tables.


I love these little step stools.  The one on the left is extremely rustic, I don’t think I am going to touch it.  I love all its chippiness!  And the green one is a shoe shine stool!  Has  a cute little flap that opens.  I love them.



I am going to get started right away on many of these pieces, I just wanted to give you a peek into the fun we had.  If you see something you have been looking for and really want it, send me an email and we can talk color and prices.

Have a beautiful sunny day!!




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3 responses to “NEW PIECES About To Be Painted!

  1. ooooo! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Some VERY beautiful pieces here 🙂

  2. SOOOOOO wish I had more room in my house 🙂 Love those “frenchy” tables too 🙂

  3. karen kemme

    the antique dresser is amazing!!! I love it! where did you go on the date.. that would have been a happy date for me ! Love!

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