The November “Intro to {re}imagining With Paint” class is full.  I am so excited for next Saturday.  I have lots of great tips planned and a yummy lunch.  If you missed out on this class and are interested in a class in January please send me an email and I will send out a notice when/if we decide to do another class.  Thank you!

I could not be more excited for our first ever “Shop The Barn” Boutique sale.  I have a lot of really cool pieces lined up to make their first showing at the sale.  I am just about done with my most favorite piece so far.  A hint?  Think of the dreamy combination of ‘chocolate and turquoise’.  Love it!

Don’t forget to spread the word.  You do remember about the special ‘get the word out give away’, right?  I have included the guidelines from the actual “Shop the Barn” post.

Chance to Win a Custom Chalkboard!

Also, to help us get the word out, we would like to have a drawing to win a special, custom chalkboard! Everyone who emails or gives a copy of this post to at least three (3) people (the more the better Winking smile) will have their name entered in the drawing. We will draw the winner Friday morning, so the winner can claim the prize while at the sale!

All you need to do is let me know, via email, that you spread the word ( honor system here, I’ll take your word for it, my customers are the best!!) and I will enter your name.

Our whole family is so excited to meet all of you in person.  Today is going to be a big work day getting as many pieces done as we can.  Have a beautiful sun shiny day.  May God shower you with His love and mercy today and always!!



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