{re}imagine Boutique

I had the great blessing and delight to have a dear friend over today who has a definite gift for decorating.  Do you want to know what we did in just a few short hours?  We transformed, ahem, {re}imagined the whole front of the garage into the most beautiful ‘Barn Boutique’ for the sale.

Y’all probably want to know what it looks like don’t you?  I think it would be unkind of me to tease you when you can’t see it  until December 2nd and 3rd.  But can I just say, it looks amazing! 

Oh, and this same friend came over on Monday to help me paint up a storm for the sale. And! she is coming again next Monday!  The garage  Barn Boutique will be overflowing with new pieces, Lord willing.  I have used new colors and have some wonderfully unique pieces.  Can you tell I am excited?  I cannot wait for you to see!!

Please don’t forget to tell your friends and family!  Thank you!

Here is the link “Shop the Barn” Boutique Sale


Okay, just a few pictures Winking smile




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