“Shop the Barn” Update

Phew!  No more new pieces are to be started from this point forward.  Everything that was going to be painted is now painted and just needs the final touches.  Did I say, ‘phew’?

Still many details to finish up between now and Friday at 1:00. Looking forward to seeing you there!!

I wanted to give you all a ‘heads up’ on a few items in our boutique.  With so many big items the little things can get overlooked and overshadowed.  I want to draw your attention to just a few things that my sweet daughters have put in the boutique.

Victoria has made beautiful hand made notecards for years now.  She even has them in a bookstore in GA!  They will be in our boutique.  You may buy them in bundles of 3 or 6 for gift giving and she will wrap them with raffia and a special “To/From” gift tag.

She also has knitted lots of washcloths and wrapped them so cute.  Much to our surprise, she is donating the proceeds from the sales of these to a local family who is adopting a sweet special needs baby from Haiti!  We are quite proud to be her parents.

She also has gorgeous jewelry for sale in the boutique.  Earrings, bracelets and necklaces.  Please be sure and check out all the fruits of her labor. 

Also, our second daughter, Sarah Grace, has made several friendship bracelets with the sole purpose of raising enough money to buy a family from an impoverished country a farm animal to help sustain their family.  (through World Vision)  Please consider buying one or more of her bracelets for the little people on your list or even for bookmarks.  She will be so blessed.

I am off to drag my tired self to bed!  More in a day or so as we clean up and rearrange every square foot we can commandeer! 

May His favor be upon you and those you love!!



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  1. Everything looks so awesome! Your so talented and I hope you have a lot of traffic at your Barn Sale:))


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