Custom Order Gift Idea!

We had a terrific turnout for the “Shop the Barn” sale!!  Thank you to all of you who came out and made it a success!!  We loved meeting all of you and appreciate you.

We sold many of our “Family Rules” Slatboards and had some others request them in different colors.  Seeing as how we are going to be making them up this week I thought I would make the offer on my blog. 

They make wonderful gifts.  I have hung them on the wall or set them on a mantle.

Just email me if you are interested in buying one or more. I can make them in just about any color.  One person requested a black one with white letters, I thought that was a cool idea.

They are $40 each.  They each  measure approx. 18” by 18”.


Have a great day!!




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One response to “Custom Order Gift Idea!

  1. Hi Michelle – I definitely want one. Do you have examples of some of the other colors you made them in? I’m not sure what color to do….THanks

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