Love Won Over Wisdom, Maybe

Today we picked up an overpriced piece of furniture that I just had to have.  I really have been a good girl and have walked away from many a pieces that weren’t steals, even though I loved them. 

That all changed today, though.  I have really wanted nightstands made out of an old vanity and this ‘in desperate need of love’ vanity was my choice.  Like I said, definitely overpriced, from a not so willing to deal (sort of crabby) person, but otherwise exactly what I wanted!

I had me some fun tonight with a hammer, crow bar and a scraper!!  I quickly did it before Mr. {re}imagined knew I was doing it.  I wanted to have the fun of demo.  Now if someone would just clean up the mess. Winking smile




Wait until you see these babies when I am done.  Oh, each one only has three legs, something I didn’t notice in the store.  Live and learn.



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2 responses to “Love Won Over Wisdom, Maybe

  1. Oooh! Can’t wait to see what you do with these! How fun! (I’d have loved the demo. part, too.)

  2. Hope

    Oh Michelle, your going to love them! I have one that I kept for myself, perfect for night stand in the guest room! 🙂

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