All In a Day’s Work

Here is an update on the nightstands that I was working on earlier in the week.  You know, the ones I got to demo.


Here they are now, before wax and distressing.  I think I decided on the lighter color, what do you think?


If you look close enough, you can see a few spots that I purposely crackled the paint to add to the ‘antiquing’ process.  The wax will settle in there and look all ‘old’ and stuff.  The key is to just do a few areas here and there, nothing too deliberate.  So, deliberately non- deliberate.  Make sense? Winking smile


Also, had the pleasure of working with Barcelona Orange on a special clients table.  Love it with tons of dark wax.  Orange is THE color for 2012, I hear.


This beauty is going to be our headboard.  Just needs a little cutting here and there, and then a coat of Old White, some sanding and waxing, and voilà, our headboard!


Another custom piece for a special someone. Yes, you know who you are.  I am looking forward to seeing you soon.


And finally, I just can’t decide on what color to paint this darling, little vintage cabinet.  It is cute as a bugger, just can’t decide on color.  Got any ideas?  Come on now, we women LOVE to be asked our opinion, let me have it.  It is just under three feet, I think.  Too cute.  Emperor’s Silk, Graphite,  something neutral, something ‘beachy’.  I’m stuck, help.


I added a few items for sale in previous posts, check them out.  I spent an hour updating my ‘for sale’ page only to lose it all.  Lord willing, it will be updated soon.

Have a lovely day of rest tomorrow.




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2 responses to “All In a Day’s Work

  1. Krista

    That’s the kind of door I am looking for, for my chalkboard!

  2. elaine

    You are truly amazing … it’s a wonder you have time to sleep or eat – it looks like all you do is paint! Your work is gorgeous.

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