Italian Wedding Soup

Okay, just about everyone who took my “Intro to {re}imaging With Paint” class requested the recipe of the delicious soup we served for lunch.  So here it is.  You have to know, though, that I don’t really follow recipes that well.  I go by taste.  I will give you the basics of the recipe and you can adjust from there.

Italian Wedding Soup (by Mama Michello)

Onion, chopped

Garlic, minced

Italian Sausage (Hot and Mild, I used Jenni-O Turkey Sausage)

Chicken Stock (Costco Organic Chicken Stock)

Kale, chopped, stems removed

White Beans, cannellini, cooked or canned

Salt and pepper (also, cayenne, if desired)

Sauté onion and garlic, seasoned with salt and pepper,  in olive oil until tender.  Add Italian sausages that you have removed from the casings if they were links.  Continue to cook and break up the sausage. 

Add chicken stock and bring to a simmer.  Check seasonings.  Add salt and pepper and a dash of cayenne if you like it spicy.

Add chopped kale and simmer 5-10 minutes, until kale becomes tender, but not turning an ugly green, that is too long. Winking smile  It should be vibrant and pretty.

Now add your beans.  Bring back to a simmer and taste again, adjusting seasonings if necessary.

Super easy and super delicious!  Feel free to email me if I have not explained this well.  Like I said, I don’t follow recipes.

We truly loved having each of you women over for the “Intro” class and lunch.  We are so blessed.  Thank you!



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  1. Aunt estelle

    Sounds great Michelle. Love You

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