Upcoming Classes and Dates

“How to Shop for {re}imaginable Furniture”

For those of you who would love to learn:

  • how to find quality furniture
  • want to know what dovetail drawers are
  • the difference between veneer, laminate and wood
  • how to pick out a piece of furniture to {re}imagine
  • save 25% on a piece of used furniture

I will take you shopping to my favorite used furniture store and teach you all I know about shopping for furniture to {re}imagine.  You will also receive 25% off on one piece of your choice the day of the class.  That is a huge savings! 

I will also consult with you on any pieces you are interested in.  Helping you decide the quality and how best to {re]imagine it.  You will also have an opportunity to “shop the barn boutique”.

I need a minimum of eight people for this class.  I will schedule a date and if we don’t fill it, we will bump it to the next available date.  Please let me know a.s.a.p. if you are interested, I do have several people who have requested this class.  If you are unable to make the date but really want to come, let me know and I will see about scheduling another class.

I apologize for the confusion, I have fixed the dates below:

For now, I will schedule a class for the morning of Friday, February 10 and Saturday, February 11.  Let me know which one you are able to attend.  If I do not meet the minimum I will reschedule.

Check the “Classes” tab at the top of the website for full details.

BYOF Workshops (Intro class is a prerequisite)

For those of you who have completed the “Intro to {re}imagining With Paint” class, I am scheduling BYOF Workshops (Bring Your Own Furniture)!!  This is great for those of you who do not want to have to invest in all the supplies as well as keeping the mess in my shop, not your house!

Space is limited, as I plan to keep the workshops to only four people.  I want to be able to give you as much personal attention as possible.

Please check the “Classes” tab for all the details.

BYOF Workshop February Schedule:

Friday, February 17 (morning)

Saturday, February 18 (morning)

If you need an afternoon or evening workshop, let me know, perhaps others do too!

The next

“Intro to {re}imaging With Paint” class

will  be

Saturday, March 3, 2012.

Please check the “Classes” tab for further information.  Also, these classes sell out very quickly, please let me know if you are interested in taking this class a.s.a.p.

The past Intro class have been an amazing time.  The feedback that I have gotten has been so positive.  I have had complete ‘rookies’ as well as seasoned ‘pros’ take this class and say learned a lot and felt it was so worth it.  I love doing these classes.  It gives me an opportunity to share and teach (which I love to do) as well as gives our family an opportunity to serve you a wonderful lunch and hopefully a very pleasurable day!

Okay, if you have made it all the way through this epic post and are interested in any of these classes, please send me an email to begin the registration process!!



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5 responses to “Upcoming Classes and Dates

  1. I am very interested in the classes your offering! I would love to take the Saturday, February 2o class and also interested in the Saturday, March 3, 2012. Look forward to hearing from you!

    • Hi Tammy, thank you for your interest!

      Which class in February are you interested in? Are you talking about the How to Shop class Saturday, February 11? (The BYOF Workshops are for those who have completed the Intro class, so you must not be talking about those) I will be offering more BYOF workshops after the March Intro class.

      To reserve your spot for Intro class on March 3, please send a non-refundable deposit of $20 to Michelle Grzybowski 10545 78th ave Allendale, MI 49401

      Let’s hold off on the deposit/payment for the other class until I am sure we have enough people, okay?

      Let me know if you were talking about the Feb. 11 shopping class and I will put your name down and get back to you if we get enough. Thank you again!! Any questions, feel free to ask. Oh, also, many women like to take the Intro class with friends or sisters/mothers, let me know if you have someone to take it with and have them sign up to hold their spot.


      May God bless you and keep you!


      http://www.shelookethwell.blogspot.com (encouraging women in the Lord)

      http://www.reimaginedjustforyou.wordpress.com (hand painted furniture . . . just for you)

  2. Hope

    Still considering the BYOF class, but this time won’t work for me. I’ll keep watching!

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