I Am Telling You . . .

I keep telling you what an honor and privilege it is to do what I do.  I GET to create beautiful things.  I GET to meet awesome people.  I GET to have friends like this one.  The Sophisticated Agrarian.  (though she’ll always be that beautiful Angie, to me Winking smile)

She has gone and said the most wonderful things about me on her new blog.  You must check it out. 

Humbled.  Blessed.  In Awe.

Thank You, Father, from all blessings flow!!

Have a beautiful weekend, I can’t imagine mine getting any better.


P.S.  Wanted to show you just how glamorous this life is.

Yep, that’s me under that beautiful buffet!


Yep, on the cold, cement floor!  I’m not sure if my hair is getting greyer or if I just always have paint in my hair.  Maybe both.  All ‘glam’, I tell you, all ‘glam’!





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One response to “I Am Telling You . . .

  1. Sharon

    Love the pix, Michelle! And how wonderful – and CONGRATS! – that you’ll have a piece featured in Prairie Magazine! How exciting! And what a wonderful post by your friend Angie 🙂

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