Crazy Painting

Wow, what a crazy day painting.  I was able to wrap up four huge pieces and nearly finish five more today.  Whew!  A few were gorgeous custom orders, pictures coming soon.  The others were special treats for the big “Shop the Barn Boutique” sale.

I am guessing at this rate we will need to double the space we had last year.  My boutique is no longer set up to display all my pieces.  Currently everything is stacked and crammed in there.  I keep painting and calling Brian and the boys to move it out!

Also, I seem to be getting my “Pinterest” fix.  I am so blessed to be able to be doing many of the things I have found on Pinterest. You know, the ones you pin and just wish you had a place or a reason to make it?  Yep, I get to do that for my sale!  We have created, repurposed and recreated and {re}imagined so many things.  From old doors, kitchen cabinet doors, sewing boxes, yard sticks, mirror, frames and frames and frame.  Did I mention frames??!!  Chalkboards, memo frames, jewelry organizers.  Pretty things all over the place.  Mason jars will have a starring role in the sale too.  Many different uses for these gems.  I am having so much fun!! I can’t wait for you all to see it.

I also wanted to let you know that I updated my “About Me” page.   If you are interested you can take a look at that.  Maybe you could care less Smile  I thought, just in case some one wants to know who the mad scientist is behind the barn wall I would update it.

Speaking of mad scientist, did I mention the fun I am having mixing colors and textures?

Here is one of the pieces that went out today.  Isn’t it pretty??  Pure white with beautiful hardware!!


Off to bed, dragging my right arm with me. Winking smile




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2 responses to “Crazy Painting

  1. What is your user name on Pinterest? I want to be sure to follow you if I’m not already. 😉

  2. elaine

    ahaha – I was just gonna ask the same thing Marcy asked. I love the new picture of you – very pretty! I don’t know how you do it all – I have been doing small painting jobs around the house and I’m worn out and haven’t scratched the surface of what you accomplish! Love to hear how much fun you’re having!

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