Classes Full-Send Deposits

The classes are now all full with the possibility of a waiting list. If you have requested to take one of the upcoming April classes and have not sent your deposit, please do so. If I don’t receive your check by April 7th, I will need to let the next person have your spot. Sad smile

Some have already come in and I am sure most are on the way, but if you have forgotten here is your reminder.





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3 responses to “Classes Full-Send Deposits

  1. Ronda Walwwod

    In the class intro it never stated anything about and deposit and how much ? please let me know how much and address if it;s not on your page ANita and myself will send a check .Exactly which class are we in we wanted the furniture one but I’m unclear sent e-mail didn’t get a answer sorry or send a number i will call .Thanks Ronda

  2. kerry

    sent my check today to reserve two spots in your monday april 16 class. i’m sooooo excited!

  3. Debbie

    I mailed you a check on Monday. Hopefully, you got it yesterday or will receive it today. I cannot wait for my Monday class!!!! Debbie

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