Even The Children Are Working!

We are all working hard to get things ready for the sale.


See the little guy without the shirt?  That there is Elijah.  He didn’t want to get paint on his shirt.  He was adamant about the color he was going to use.  It is Antibes ( pronounced “on-teeb”)  Elijah pronounces it Antipuss. Winking smile


The girls had to have a turn too.


You probably wonder what we are working on, don’t you?  I think you will really like them.


I was trying so hard to do the ‘good mama’ thing and let them paint.  I had to keep telling myself that including them and making memories is worth more than $37 a can!! Biting my tongue as paint is dripping from the can to the wood.  As you can see, I couldn’t keep my hands off their work. Yes, my shirt is on inside out.  Brian’s theory was that if I wore my paint shirts inside out and then when someone came to look at furniture I would just flip it around.  Good idea?  Yes, if you remember to switch it back.  Which I didn’t.  Now I have paint on both sides.


I finished two gorgeous and entirely different dressers with mirrors today.  One was painted in a really cool two color distress and the other soft neutrals with some natural crackling and dark wax.  Both have ridiculously roomy drawers.  Their debut is May 4, 2012 at 1:00.  See you there. Winking smile



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2 responses to “Even The Children Are Working!

  1. Hope

    Your a tease! 🙂

  2. Elise Weinstein

    Hey Michelle! You are such a good Mama!! 🙂 My pastor’s wife has now asked to come along to the barn sale with my sister and me! So that’s three of us now. 🙂 I’m really hoping you have some of those sewing cabinet drawers done for the sale. I keep thinking about them and want one. Can’t wait til May 4th. P.S. I don’t think a single person cares if they see you in a painted shirt! We love to see you all “painty” from painting pretty things for us to buy.

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