Wonderfully Fun Day

We had a very fun day with our “Intro/BYOF” Workshop today.  I love that I get to meet so many awesome women.  I love to hear their ‘back’ stories and see how differently and beautiful God created each one of them.  Love my job!!


It is hard to tell, but the chair on the left is waxed and the one on the right is awaiting dark wax.


We had a great mix of pieces today.  Some, like the one below totally needed to be heavily distressed, you could just tell.  It was a pretty sad looking piano bench when it came and left a beautiful shabby piece of art.P1100214

The distressing on the Graphite painted chairs was so pretty.  Kind of a golden color coming through.


Hard to tell in the picture, but this dresser was a very rich Olive green with the perfect amount of distressing.


The little red table was so cool.  It almost looked like it was stained red.  You could see the grain of the wood coming through just a bit.  Perfect!  Here we all are with the finished pieces.  I think every one left thrilled with their work.  Awesome, talented ‘students’. Winking smile


Looking forward to tomorrow when we do our basic “Intro” class with 13 women!  Woo hoo!  Making the world a prettier place, one Chalk Painted™ piece at a time!



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4 responses to “Wonderfully Fun Day

  1. Nancy Pleune

    All the pieces look wonderful. Glad you had a great day. Tomorrow will be just as great for you. So blessed by your joy in success with something you love. ❤

  2. Debbie

    Did I say that I CANNOT wait until MONDAY!!!!!

  3. all the pieces look amazing!!!

  4. Maybe you can spend the night on Sunday, Debbie. LOL

    Talented women, today, Angie.

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