$25.00 to Shop the Barn Boutique


I have been so busy painting and doing classes that I have neglected to remind everyone of the “Get the Word Out” $25.00 drawing.  Here is the info from the original post.

Chance to Win $25.00 to spend at the Shop the Barn sale!

Everyone who emails or gives a copy of this post to at least five (5) people (the more the better Winking smile) will have their name entered in the drawing. We will draw the winner Friday morning, so the winner can claim the prize for use at the sale! You read that right, that is $25.00 to spend at the sale!!

All you need to do is let me know, via email, that you spread the word ( honor system here, I’ll take your word for it, my customers are the best!!) and I will enter your name. Thank you for helping us reach even more people with this sale.



I have some of the cutest hand made, repurposed gift ideas for this sale.



Also, I have so much furniture painted for the sale that we literally are busting at the seams.  You no longer could even walk into my boutique.  You would be stopped by a wall of furniture all pretty and painted. I am not exaggerating in the least.  If I need something from inside the  boutique I literally need a child to crawl under and around things to get it for me.



I would really love it if I could have your help in getting the word out.  Some ways to help would be:

  • email at least five people that you think would be interested, and encourage them to tell others also
  • invite your ‘friends’ on Facebook, we have created an ‘event’ for the sale, just invite your ‘friends’
  • “like” us on Facebook

Also, if you have not signed up yet to receive updates from my blog each time I post something new, you may do so in the upper right hand corner.  All you do is fill in your email address and you are automatically updated.  I always post new pieces here first, before listing them on Craigslist.  That way you don’t miss a thing.

This weekend, Lord willing, I will be giving you some ideas about what types of furniture we will have, price ranges and some of the really cool colors I have used lately.





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2 responses to “$25.00 to Shop the Barn Boutique

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  2. Debbie

    Put me in for the $25 drawing. I’ve done my part 🙂 Debbie

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