Getting So Excited!

Now that 99% of the painting is done, I am getting so excited for the sale!!  We will spend the week finishing up those last minute things and those, ‘oh, just one more thing’ projects, and of course cleaning up/out and setting up.

As I was looking around tonight I realized there likely is no way I will be able to have every single ‘small’ priced.  Please ask if you see something  you love and we don’t have it priced.  I will try to have the things that are  just for display marked.

Lord willing, we will be set up to take credit cards by Friday. 

Remember, I not only have lots and lots of furniture, I also have a lot of really, really cool gift ideas just in time for Mother’s Day.  Price range is probably between $10 and $50.  Victoria and Sarah Grace will have their beautiful handmade notecards available in packs of 3 and 6 and will bundle them together for you if you like.

Below are a few pictures for your enjoyment. 



I told you it is stacked to rafters!  LOL


Please forgive the poor quality pictures, all I had available was Brian’s phone camera.

Have a blessed Sunday!!



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2 responses to “Getting So Excited!

  1. Oh how I wish I could come to your sale!!!!!!!!! I went to a barn sale here in TN today, it was fantastic and inspiring! I wish you all the best with yours, I think my mom may come. 🙂

  2. Ronda Walwwod

    Hi michelle ! Anita and myself are coming on Friday see ya then have a great day

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