I Need Your Help (Tech Troubles)

My ‘tech’ department decided to reinstall my operating system (or something like that) because I was complaining mentioning how slowly my computer was working.  Well, settings get changed and folders get lost, apparently.

Two folders that did not get ‘saved’ were the ‘Get the Word Out’ Drawing and the “Future Classes” folders.

I have gone through with a fine tooth comb, to find all the people who were entered in the ‘Get the Word out’ drawing and I would feel awful if I missed someone.  So, if you did indeed get the word out and let me know, would you mind just leaving a quick comment here, so I can have them all in one place and I can check them against the list I have compiled.  Thank you for grace and patience with this ever so imperfect team over here. Winking smile

Also, if you have no idea of what I am talking about, here are the details.

Chance to Win $25.00 to spend at the Shop the Barn sale!

Everyone who emails or gives a copy of this post to at least five (5) people (the more the better Winking smile) will have their name entered in the drawing. We will draw the winner Friday morning, so the winner can claim the prize for use at the sale! You read that right, that is $25.00 to spend at the sale!!

All you need to do is let me know, via email, that you spread the word ( honor system here, I’ll take your word for it, my customers are the best!!) and I will enter your name. Thank you for helping us reach even more people with this sale.

Off to finish up half of the bazillion details I have ahead of me this week.  Pray for me? Better yet, pray for those around me.  LOL

Have a wonderful rainy Monday.  Remember the Son always shines.





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9 responses to “I Need Your Help (Tech Troubles)

  1. Meghan

    Hi Michelle! I just wanted to make sure that you still have me in the “Future Classes” folder. I am so looking forward to taking some classes with you! Good luck with the sale this weekend! I am SO bummed I will be out of town. 😦

    • tami groeneveld

      Shared i!
      Why of course I did, I want everyone to know how wonderful and talented you all are!!
      Blessings, Tami

  2. Lisa Rinvelt

    Please enter me in your $25 drawing. I forwarded your sale info to 5+ friends. Can’t wait to see all your treasures!!!

  3. Debbie Cukier

    Put me in the drawing too. Thanks, Debbie Cukier

  4. Sharon

    I got the word out! Hope your computer is improved! 🙂

  5. Ann Steenwyk

    No problem, nothing more frustrating 🙂 I was in the drawing too. Can’t wait to come!

    Thanks! Ann Steenwyk

  6. Lisa Gemmen

    I’m spreading the word!

  7. Susan

    Susan Brusveen
    Been out talkin to my friends about the sale. Hope to be one of the first in line when you open up.
    Can’t wait to see your beutiful creations.

  8. Elise Weinstein

    I got the word out and I’m bringing two ladies with me today! We will be there when the doors open! Can’t wait to see you Michelle! And I cleaned out my sewing room and have tons of fabrics pieces for Victoria to play with! 🙂 See you soon!

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