A Few Details

Phew!  We have spent the last two days moving and arranging furniture.  It appears as though I have more furniture than I first thought.  I knew I had significantly more than I did last time, but I didn’t realize just how much more. I sure hope you all are planning on buying some furniture!

I am praying for no rain, as I have the ‘set up’ perfectly laid out in my mind.  If we do have rain we will have a huge tent in front of the ‘boutique’.  If anyone has another tent/canopy that we could borrow, that would be a huge blessing, as I don’t think it will all fit.  Please email if you do.

We are able to take credit cards.  There will be a 3% charge to use one.

If you see anything hanging on a wall and wonder if it comes in a different color, please ask.  We have way more things to hang than we have wall space.  I will have duplicates and other colors tucked away.  Don’t hesitate to ask.  We will be well staffed, ask if you need any help at all.

Take your time and go through more than once, as there is SO much to take it.  We probably have 3-4 times as much as the last sale.  Look up.  Look down.  Look all around. Winking smile

We will have several doors and windows for sale also.

My sweet daughters will once again have their ‘pretties’ for sale.  Hand made notecards, jewelry, hair accessories and more. 

We will be serving Joshua’s famous Chocolate Chip Cookies and Victoria’s famous Lemon Sugar cookies.

Lord willing, I will have several loaves of my homemade, fresh ground whole wheat bread for sale too.

I hope to post some pictures tomorrow, we just ran out of steam . . .

Any questions, please email me.  Also, don’t forget the tent/canopy request.

May He bless you and keep you!




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3 responses to “A Few Details

  1. Sharon

    Sounds fun Michelle! So, if there’s a piece of furniture we lilke but want to keep moving around, how do we “mark” it? Can we put a little sticker on it or something?

  2. Debbie Cukier

    Michelle, Just wondering if there is a long line that starts hours before the sale? What was it like last year, as far as crowds, wait, etc.

  3. Hi Sharon, we will have our ‘staff’ with SOLD sign to mark items for you.

    Debbie, yes, last year their was a line and a wait. I am not sure what this year will hold. We have way more room this time, as the whole ’boutique’, shop and whole top driveway will be filled. Looking forward to seeing you!

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