Allegan Bound

We are so excited to be displaying my treasures at the Allegan Antique Market this Sunday.

A really cool story about how we are getting there . . .Well, we do not own a trailer and considered renting a truck.  Do you know how much I would have to sell to recoup the space fee, rental truck and gas??  Long story short, the Lord has wonderfully provided a huge trailer (from our kind neighbor)!!!  For free!!P1100669

When I was folding sheets, wondering how these thin things were going to protect my furniture, Brian showed me a hole pile of furniture pads in the corner of the trailer!  P1100672

Oh, and a furniture dolly. P1100671

And, the walls lined with some sort of ‘hooky do’ (my made up word) things that you can hook straps into to keep your furniture in place!  AND, straps!!


Needless to say, this mama was touched that my God would, once again, supply for all my needs!

Pray for us.  Lots of details to wrap up.  We are so excited, did I mention that?  You know I LOVE the people, chatting and ‘spreading sunshine’ as Mr. {re}imagined would say.

So, if you aren’t busy on Sunday, when it is going to 92 degrees in Allegan, come on out and see one of the best Antique Markets I have ever been to.  Stop by and say hi, we would love it.

Up tomorrow, “Stop That Trailer”  I will post some pictures of some of the pieces going to Allegan, if you see something you love, I will keep it off the trailer.

Finished custom order for Zoe!


A few treasure from an early morning shopping trip. (the adorable little boy is NOT for sale)


That gorgeous dresser has a beautiful mirror to it.





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One response to “Allegan Bound

  1. Nancy Pleune

    Hoping your Allegan Adventure is wildly successful.

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