I am giving a short notice for another edition of ‘STOP THAT BRUSH”.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this, I post pictures of the next projects to be painted, giving you a chance to have them {re}imagined BEFORE I take a brush to them.

I will likely get to these tomorrow, so if you see something you are interested in, email me promptly.

This antique bench/chair is adorable!  I have some really cool ‘coffee’ burlap sacks with cool print on them.  I have one that has brown print on it and Mr. {re}imagined suggested painting it Duck Egg (which looks lovely with brown).  Picture brown print on burlap and Duck Egg paint.  I also see it in Old White with the burlap with black print.  We will see.  If you are interested, let me know.  Probably around $100


This table is an Ethan Allen and the quality is amazing.  Mr. {re}imagined is currently sanding the top, it will be beautiful stained with my favorite new color, Kona.  I am thinking perhaps, Emperor’s Silk with Coco or Olive and Old Ochre.  Not sure.  Perhaps you love it and have a vision.  Just email me.  (right around the $100 mark)


Another gorgeous desk in need of {re}imagining.  The last one was Duck Egg and Old White. I am thinking something in the green family OR Grey and Black.  Hmmm.  Dovetail drawers, and I think I even have the glass that goes on top!  Oh, and original hardware.  Definitely in the $225-250 price range.



Just to refresh your memory of the other desk and the color combo I am considering.


I didn’t take the time to post measurement, if you are interested I can get them for you.




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