Updates, Recipes and Items Sold



I am thinking that each week I will put a ‘sticky’ note at the top of my blog with the days I am available by appointment that week.  It is hard to schedule so many appointments over so many days.  This way if I limit it to three days I don’t have to be “on” or home everyday of the week for one appointment here and there.

Now you know I am extremely flexible, so if you really want to come and one of those days does not work, just let me know, we can works something out.

Jewelry Class:

I am just so proud of my Victoria that I had to share what she has been up too.  She is the daughter that makes the beautiful notecards, jewelry and purses in my boutique.

She taught her very first class this week!!  Like mama, like daughter. (she loves to gab and share too!)  A good friend and customer arranged a Jewelry Making Party for her daughters and some of their friends.  It was a fun way to end the school year.  The girls were able to take home a pair of earrings and a bracelet that they made in the class.

It was so cute to see how Victoria made the class her own.  She wrapped water bottles in pretty fabric, used fancy tea cups to hold the beads and jewelry findings, had cute note taking paper printed up.  So cute!  I am so proud of her, she did a great job.


If you are interested in putting together a “Jewelry Making Party” for your girls and friends, email us and we can see what we can work out.


Several women asked for the recipes that we used in our last round of classes.  One lady asked if it was a secret recipe and if I would share it.  You all know I have no secrets!  LOL  Plus, all I did was google the recipes, it’s not like I created them or something. 

Italian Chicken Salad

Caprese Salad

Goat Cheese Toast

I actually pretty much followed the recipes this time.  Surprise!

Adorable “French” Step Ladder left on Saturday.


Custom order desk for Gabi, hope she enjoys it!  Gabi did an awesome job of picking out the PERFECT knobs!!  Isn’t it amazing what paint can do?

gabis deskIMG_4158

Super Cool Table/Benches went to a good home too.  LOVE these things


A couple more pieces are ‘in the works’, will post when it is official!


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  1. Jocelyn

    Would love to see another bench when you have one, also looking for a possible desk and tv stand, please let me know if you might have anything! Thanks!

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