What a Full Day!

We ended up getting eight pieces painted and waxed today.  I wish we had taken better pictures.  You will have to trust me when I say they looked really, really nice.

The day ended up going way longer than I had thought.  We left at 8:45 am and got home at 8:45 pm!  Oh, and I have this strange appendage hanging off the right side of my body right about at shoulder level.  Oh, wait, that is my ARM!  LOL  It’s all numb and achy.   All those hours of painting and waxing takes its toll, no matter how strong my right arm has gotten.  But so worth it when you see the smile on the ‘customer’s’ face and all those beautiful pieces done in one day!

French Linen with White dry brush and clear wax.

driftwood dresser mary

Duck Egg with a mix of dark and clear wax, making it an aqua color.  And Emperor’s Silk with some funky Formica top.


This one was my favorite, though the picture is awful.  Kristina, if you are reading, I finally nailed your secret wax technique!! LOL


Old Ochre with dark wax.


This picture could not have been worse!  This is actually French Linen with Old White highlights and heavy dark wax.  It looked like leather or suede.  So cool.  But you would never be able to tell from these pictures!  Sorry.


Coco and Emperor’s silk with dark wax.


All the pieces were per the owner’s choice.

Off to bed after I find the bottle of Ibuprofen.  Winking smile  Sweet Dreams!


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