Sold Items

We have sold some pieces in the past week or so and I thought I would update.  Besides the obvious benefits to selling, I get to paint more!!  Now, I am still on my tight ‘no purchase’ order, well, mostly.  I am being extremely intentional and am excited and challenged to seriously reduce our ‘stash’ in the ‘yet to be {re}imagined’ pole barn. 

We were also blessed enough to sell an antique dining room table and six chairs from the pole barn! 

Adorable “French” Step Ladder—SOLD!


French Country Dining Set—SOLD


Turquoise Ombre Dresser—SOLD


Super Cook Coffee Table-End Tables/Benches—SOLD


Antique Emperor’s Silk End Table—SOLD

Looks like I need to get few things painted for Allegan next weekend!  I took today off to play in the pool with the children.  When I say ‘play in the pool’ I mean some playing and lots of soaking up the sun.  You understand, don’t you? Winking smile  I worked my tail off yesterday, so I needed a break.  I plan on ‘hitting’ it tomorrow morning and more playing in the pool in the afternoon.

Oh, and I have some cool inspiration on some cabinet doors.  Not enough to account for 600 doors, but some of them. LOL

What are your plans for the weekend?  Whatever it is, may He bless you and keep you!!



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