Manly Desk and More

What we have here is a ‘manly’ desk.  Not for men only, of course.  Sort of classic and classy.  I painted it in French Linen (my absolute favorite grey) and Graphite.


The Graphite almost looks super dark blue or deep, deep slate.  So rich.  I did not dark wax it to make it more ‘black’, just the clear wax.


I left the original hardware, why mess with perfection?  I have a glass that covers the top (not pictured) to make an even more durable writing surface.


I also finished the back of the desk so this can be placed anywhere in your room.


The following are ‘un-staged’ and ‘unedited’ photos, beware. Winking smile  I just finished this super cool wood chest in a sort of deep sage green with an off white stripe going across and up and down. Couldn’t wait to show you.



This would make an awesome coffee table or blanket chest.  Lots of room inside.


And the Pièce de résistance, number 1 of 600, {re}imagined cabinet door!


Isn’t it so cool?  So “old” looking?  So French??  Love, love, love the texture!   Can be used as a tray or, even hung on a wall, as it a piece of art!!


Only 599 more to go . . . actually, 598, as I already started another one.  I do have lots of great ideas for these.  So excited to share them as the roll of the ‘assembly line’. Winking smile


I have an antique Cream dresser almost done, a beautiful cedar chest in, you guessed it, French Linen and a really cute bench/chair painted in an off white and the seat covered in a really cool burlap coffee sack. Pictures coming soon.

I must get some rest, I plan on spoiling the daylights out the father to my nine children, Mr. {re}imagined himself!  He not only is an incredible husband, but an extremely dedicated and awesome dad, daddy and papa too. 

As we celebrate Father’s Day, may you know, deeply, the love of your Heavenly Father!!


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  1. Elana Hostetter

    I love what you did with the cabinet door! Wanted to let you know that the roll top desk looks fabulous in Gabi’s room and she was tickled to see her name in your blog.

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