The One That Almost Won

What we have here is a wonderfully primitive cabinet.  That’s what it is now.  Two weeks ago, not so much.  If it wasn’t for my son, Luke, I might have given up on this one.

(Excuse the indoor pictures with poor lighting) 


This is exactly how I pictured it on April 29 at about 8:30 AM.  I saw it from the front of the booth space at Allegan Antique Market.  I knew what I wanted to paint it.  I knew it would look just like this!  But getting here was a journey, let me tell you.


I painted it in such a way the a lovely Cream color would come through the Primer Red, which is a sort of barn red.  It was all chippy and has many layers of paint which are only accented by the paint and dark wax.  We put 1/4 inch hardware cloth in  the doors.  It’s the new chicken wire, you know. LOL


Taking her to Allegan on Sunday, unless you simply must have her.

I painted several new pieces for Sunday, I am so excited.  Will I see you there?


This little gem is named ‘Kristina’, after a dear friend who painted a table the same colors that I loved.  I don’t normally ‘name’ my furniture, much to ‘kitchy’, Mr. {re}imagined has stated.

Have a lovely evening!


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