Well, Hello!!!

Feels like it has been forever since I posted. Between taking care of my sister and enjoying Summer, my days have been full!  I am determined to cherish and soak up as many precious moments as I can.  Time slips away so quickly.  I am having so much fun teaching our four year old how to swim, as I have each of the others.

As you can guess, it has been way too hot to paint.  I do paint smaller pieces in the house, but the motivation to even go gather supplies is way down.  I do think I am going through some type of withdrawal though.  Perhaps Monday I will get back to painting and creating, for now I create memories. Winking smile Like I teach in my classes, we are always creating, we just don’t realize it.

You remember Treasures From the North Country”, right?  Here are some pictures to remind you along with some new ones.  We picked up the rest of the furniture this week.  You are going to love it!!  We still have one more piece up there, but the kind people we bought them from are going to bring it home for us.

Here’s the recap. 






Now for the ‘new’ pieces

I finally got a church pew!!  I have been looking for one for a long time, they are usually very expensive.  This little 5 footer is adorable!  I think a shabby white?



Apparently our family would need about three pews at this church!


If any one is looking for a full set of matching dressers, I have a three piece set.  The two pictured below, and a matching armoire dresser that we couldn’t fit in on this trip.  Let me know.


Another gorgeous buffet!  I was hoping this would be our new bathroom vanity, but there is some question as to whether it will fit.  If you are interested, Mr. {re} imagined would likely sell it.  He is not too thrilled about remodeling our bathroom.  I think he is going to ban me from Pinterest, he thinks some of my ideas are out there. LOL


A very solid vintage dresser that is rather plain.  Some cool graphics or an ombre design might be nice.  Oh, what about ‘subway art’ on the front?? That would be cool.  I am open to ideas.


I think that is it for now.  I have so many treasures tucked away in my ‘yet to be {re}imagined’ pole barn.  Just let me know if you are looking for something in particular, I just might have it!

Also, coming up, I am planning on having a ‘sale’ on my remaining chairs and mirrors.  I need to start reducing some inventory.




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  1. Love the church pew!! And the buffet!!!!

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