Look at What We Have Here

A dear customer friend, mentioned me on her blog, I thought I would share it with you.  She is redecorating and I have painted some pieces for her. Sew Fun Designs.

Two beautiful ‘new’ pieces.  This China Cabinet is beautiful!!  I think I know what color (s) it is going to be, unless you want it and want to pick the colors Winking smile


I bought this buffet because it was slightly smaller and hoped it would work for our bathroom vanity (we aren’t sold on the other piece we bought for it) but it won’t work for our bathroom.  I am actually thinking red on this one.  I know, surprised me too, but something about it is calling for a different look.  Hmmm.  Ideas?


Some injuries and lingering fatigue have kept me from my break-neck pace these past few weeks.  (probably a good thing)  I twisted my ankle five minutes into our first night tearing down a barn in which we get to keep ALL the barn wood.  (woo hoo)  While color washing a piece of very rough wood, I got a splinter that is very deep and imbedded in the side of my thumb.  I can only see it when a high powered flashlight is shined on it.  I know it is there, simply because of the pain and the  large size of my thumbWinking smile Trying some ‘drawing salve’ tonight.  Amazing how much I use my thumb to paint and wax.  Who knew?

Hope you are enjoying your Summer!




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  1. Jen Potter

    Just wanted to say I am so excited to see how wonderfully God has blessed you in this venture! I love seeing your inspiring new pieces and hearing about all of the new projects and sales…And what team work!!! You and your family are awesome and you’re in my thoughts and prayers often! -Jen Potter

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