I {heart} Green

It is no secret that I adore the color green.  I am so drawn to it in nature and décor.  I have to consciously not choose green for every room in my house.

I mixed up some of my ‘Spring Green’ for this adorable cabinet and mirror.  I wish you could see all the details in the textures and the layers that I put on this.  I painted it the Spring Green, did a pure white color wash, clear waxed and then played with the dark wax. 

I brought it in the house on Saturday and have been walking by it touching it and admiring it the whole time.  It is for sale, but I just had to have it in my house for just a few days.  I hope you love it too.


Remember what it looked like before?


I don’t think the pictures are showing just how lovely this color is.  It makes my heart go pitter patter.  In the over 200+ pieces I have painted, this is number 2!  That’s pretty high, wouldn’t you say.  You remember number 1 don’t you, prepare to swoon . . .

That’s my story for the day.  Hope you are all enjoying this heat.  I know one mama and several children who are . . . as long as they are in the pool, that is.

May God bless you and keep you!!



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One response to “I {heart} Green

  1. Maureen

    Hello–LOVE these 2 pieces!! Are they still available?

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