“Absolutely Gorgeous” Antique Dining Room Set

I bought this table last July.  I LOVED it!  The legs are amazing.  It was completely worn and showing its age. (80 plus years)

Recently a client came to look through our ‘yet to be {re}imagined’ pole barn and found this treasure.

As my 14 year old son says (with a perfect British accent)  “Absolutely Gorgeous!”


I wish I had taken a picture of the chairs separately.  My friend, Randy Stambaugh from R. Lucas Scott upholstered the chairs for me.  It is no exaggeration to say that he did an amazing job.  He lined everything up perfectly on each and every chair.  I was blown away.  I shouldn’t be surprised though, one step into his beautiful store, R. Lucas Scott in Holland, and you see just what beautiful work he does!  Please go visit him sometime, you will not be disappointed, I promise.

Absolutely Gorgeous, right?



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4 responses to ““Absolutely Gorgeous” Antique Dining Room Set

  1. Lisa Gemmen

    Seeing this table REALLY makes me want to drop off our beautiful 100 year old dinning set, cabinet, and buffet. They’re in amazing condition!

  2. Nancy Pleune


  3. Natalie

    Do you guys still have this available?

  4. Hi Natalie, this was a custom order, sorry!

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