A Few Recent Treasures

Here are a few of the treasures we picked up at Allegan.  I love this little sideboard/mini-buffet.  I think I am actually going to paint it my custom green, all shabbied and pretty.  What are your thoughts?


Church pews are a hot commodity right now, especially manageable sizes like this one. Perfect for the back door area or a porch.  I am thinking a shabby Old White.  If you are interested, let me know.


Cute, little, vintage child’s chair. 


An adorable step stool/ladder. This might be taken, but let me know if you might like it.


A very unique sewing table.  I have seen and painted many of these, just none with quite this much character.  It would make an adorable nightstand or end table.  It can easily be cut down, if needed.


We have been asked to do a very, very big Antique Market.  We are praying about it.  It would take a lot of travel and expenses, as well as time away from family.  Please join us in prayer to discern the Lord’s will in this?  I will share more details when I am free to do so.  Thank you.





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  1. ? ? ?

    Beautiful work….the Lord will lead you in His time…Prayers are always answered but not always the answer we want.

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