Goodbye to Some Favorites

It is so funny to me, that I get a wee bit attached to certain pieces and then am sort of sad to see them go.  Crazy, because the whole idea is to bless others with treasures that I have painted!

These adorable antique nightstands went to someone in Indiana.  Oh and that cute pink door in the background sold too.

antique nightstands

The super cool ‘rope dresser’!  I loved this thing.  It turned out exactly how I wanted it to.

rope dresser

The Versailles China Cabinet also found a home from someone from Indiana.

china hutch ver

This cute little ‘smoking cabinet’, we affectionately referred to as “Pinky Tuscadero” found its forever home next to a bed in a guest bedroom.


The end table/nightstand was sold too.

sewing stand

And the Florence antique washstand went to the most fun mother/daughters combination of the day.  They were so fun to chat with.


We also sold lots and lots of smalls and signs.  Oh, and  a really cool chippy antique chair from the 1800’s sold too.

While we are so thankful for the ‘sales’, we do have to say that the people we meet are what is so special about what we do.  Sure, they don’t pay the bills, but when all is said and done, what really matters in life is people.  The words of encouragement and joyful conversation made the day just over the top special.

Coming up, the treasures we picked up in Allegan. Yes, I had to pick up a few things now that we had room in the trailer. Winking smile



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2 responses to “Goodbye to Some Favorites

  1. Tessa

    Michelle, The night stands that sold to Indiana are exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’m wondering how I missed them so that I can watch more carefully for a similar pair if they come through. Were they posted online for sale, or were they an allegan sell? Do you have another vanity you have yet to take apart? Thanks! Tessa

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  2. Laura Town


    I stopped back by to see you but you were out shopping : (


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