Recent ‘Yet to be {re}imagined’ pieces

I have a few more pieces than these, of course I can’t find the pictures.  This is a beautiful antique Secretary. Can’t wait to make her all pretty.


What color do you think?  Something neutral or a pop of color??


This little treasure is part way through the {re}imagining process.  Think boys room or cottage.  Super cute.


We also picked up an Oak ‘side by side’, as the dealer was calling.  Pictures to come. 

Today we went up to Trufant and found a really cool antique dresser and antique rocking chair, plus a few ‘smalls’ and a really neat enamel pot to add to my ever growing collection of enamelware. For some reason I am drawn to the white with red trim.  We keep saying we will buy them to sell them but they are just too cool to sell so they get added to the pile.  We use them everyday.   I tried to get it for less, but it was worth every penny she was asking.  I didn’t push too hard and snapped it up.

Tomorrow is a well deserved ‘date’ day/pickin’ trip.  I miss those!  I will share any treasures we find.






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3 responses to “Recent ‘Yet to be {re}imagined’ pieces

  1. Karen K.

    beautiful peices!! did you get them at allegan? I think the oak last one is amazing!

  2. Yes, Karen they are from Allegan! I love the oak dresser too and actually sort of struggled with painting it. I usually don’t have a problem, have only struggled on other time, but this piece was so pretty. It did have lots of flaws that only paint could fix, so i comfort myself with that. 😉

  3. Katherine Lime

    LOVE the beautiful secretary desk! Wish I had a special place for it…I’m running out of room in my house! And that darling oak dresser would be SO cute painted red! As you said…perfect for a boys’ bedroom or cottage! Or a soft buttery cream?! Any idea when you might be having your next painting class? I’d like to get it on my calendar if it works with my schedule. Thank you so much. Katherine L.

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