Recent ‘Pick’

Mr. {re}imagined rocked it last night by packing an insane amount of furniture in the van.  The guys standing around kept saying there is no way he is going to get all those pieces in there.  I just smiled and ate my snack and tried to stay cool.  I was beyond confident that he would do it!

Below are the pieces he packed like a puzzle in our van.  Consider this a ‘stop that brush’ also, as I have been painting them as fast as we bring them home.


Our ‘pickin’ date was a great success!



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4 responses to “Recent ‘Pick’

  1. Karen Kemme

    omg I love that little trunk! how much ?? where do you find these great picks???

  2. So many cool things! Fantastic day I’d say

  3. So cute, right? We have hit a few flea markets and estate sales (which usually aren’t that good) and have been blessed with lots of treasures!

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