Weekend Picks!

Here is a picture from our family ‘weekend pick’.  The children love to go pickin’ with us, but often we need the space in the van and the cost for each person in our family to get into an Antique Market can be prohibitive.

We drove out to Lake Odessa to their Antique Market and hit a few of the Antique stores in town.  We had a wonderful day, everyone finding their own treasures.  For our youngest, of course it is anything John Deere.  He also pointed out, in his words, ‘a really old butter churn’.  He is picking it up pretty quick. How he knew what it was,  I do not know.

Here are the  pictures of our finds over the last couple of days.






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2 responses to “Weekend Picks!

  1. Laura Town


    I have been looking for a childrens table and 2 small chairs exactly like that! Would you be willing to sell them to me?


  2. Maureen Steffen

    Hello Michelle–love the pictures–can you tell me more about the chair?  It looks wider than a normal one–is the back wood? Thanks-Maureen

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