Treasures, Cards and Children!

Today, I had the pleasure of ‘picking’ with a very dear friend.  She is the MOST encouraging woman I know.  She often times even sets me straight, all with a sweet gentle smile on her face.  She comes to paint with me quite frequently.  She just loves to bless me and be with me.  Pretty amazing, yes?  Everyone should have at least one friend like this in their lives.

We found some amazing deals and steals.


I know, you must be wondering where in the world does this woman put all these things she buys.  Well, Mr. {re}imagined wonders the same thing!  Apparently it was a ‘chair’ day. 

This desk is AMAZING!  So beautiful and solid.  It almost looks like it was never used.  The drawers are beautifully clean.  I fell head over heals for it.


I have been resisting showing you my enamelware collection, it is getting embarrassingly large.  We keep purchasing  with the intent to sell, but then we get them home and love them.  We use our huge bowls everyday around here for salads and pastas and produce. 

This is what I picked up today to SELL (well, most of it)  The bottles are so cool too.  I am going to put vintage apothecary labels on the ones that don’t already have labels. 


One of my latest and favorite creations!  I finished this sign last night. So, so pretty, oui? Winking smile


And, my new business cards.  I loved the other cards I had, but apparently so did about six other people I can rattle off the top of my head!  My son, Joshua, designed these for me.  Actually, we were ‘inspired’ by some on Vista Print, but wanted to make them my own.  He did a great job!


Oh, yes, and two of my very ‘goober’ but wonderful children being all cute and silly.  Very blessed!






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4 responses to “Treasures, Cards and Children!

  1. I want one of the enamelware colanders!!!!

  2. Gina

    I found your chairs that you just picked on a Better Homes and Garden website; you have good taste! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the link, Gina, they look really good painted, don’t they?

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