Last Allegan of the Season!

Brian and I are so sad to see this season at Allegan come to a close.  We have LOVED our time there.  We have met some amazing people!  We are already excited for next year, Lord willing.

A couple of points of interest for this sale.  For the first time all year we will have all of our children (the eight still at home Winking smile) there with us for part of the day.  We like to do everything together as a family and it has been hard on us to not be able to have the littles there.  Not this time.  They will be coming around lunch time and will hopefully finish the day with us.  They love meeting the people and serving too.

Also, we will have a handful of pieces that we are willing to seriously ‘deal’ on.  Normally our prices are pretty firm, but there are some pieces I would like to see moved!  You will have to come and find out which ones they are!

We will have several pieces never before seen at Allegan!!  So excited for that.  The weather looks like it is going to be absolutely beautiful.  Perfect day to take in an Antique Market.  Hope to see you there!



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3 responses to “Last Allegan of the Season!

  1. Michelle and I are SO looking forward to meeting you, Michelle!!! Can hardly wait! 🙂 And yep….the weather looks absolutely perfect for a day of shopping!!! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  2. Kristina

    Hello Michelle!! I will be stopping by to see you all this Sunday! Planning on being there as soon as the market opens, but I will make sure to stay long enough to see the “littles”. You have done an amazing job promoting yourself and a huge congrats on your Midland success! I think you are the next MissMustardSeed:). Can’t wait to see you all!

  3. Janet

    We will be there. Can’t wait to see your booth! We love Allegan and have not made it there all year!

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