Here’s What’s Left

We have had several people come out and have sold many pieces.  One lady loaded up her van.  This is fun!  I should run a clearance sale more often! Winking smile

We have several large windows for sale too, $5 a piece! They are roughly 38 by 31 (single pane)



Antique High Chair; $5  needs to be glued back together


Antique ‘washstand’ needs top and some clean up.  $35



Big end/coffee table with tons of storage.  $15


Modern end table; $10


Antique end table; $10


Maple bookshelves, just needs a bottom shelf and maybe some cute bun feet. $20.



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5 responses to “Here’s What’s Left

  1. Mary Sall

    Michelle – could you give me some measurements on the maple bookshelf thing?

  2. Sharon

    that desk without a top would make a cute “planter” – just an idea for someone who has space 😉 Glad you’re getting a good response. If you had offered this a couple months ago, I couldn’t have stayed away. 😉

  3. Judy Gibson

    Congrats on a successful day…only wish I could have made it!

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