Fall “Intro to {re}imagining With Paint Classes and Workshops

Here are the dates we are offering for classes in October and November.  I will need to hear from you right away and will only firm up the schedule based on full classes.

We can do either the “Intro to {re}imagining with Paint” Class or Workshop for either date.  Just let me know which date and which class you prefer and we will go from there.

The dates for October are:

Friday, October 19 (class or workshop)


Saturday, October 20 (class or workshop)

The dates for November are:

Friday, November 16 (can be class or workshop)


Saturday, November 17 (this is an “Intro” class)

Get your girlfriends, sisters and/or mom together and fill a class all on your own.  The more people you bring the more potential for the class.  Classes have a minimum of 8 and max of 13.

Workshops have a minimum of 3 and max of 5.

You can read the description of both classes here.

Here are some pictures from the day.  We saw some old friends today and had a wonderful meeting with some special guests.  God has blessed us richly and we are all so humbled and in awe of what He has done.  And all of you are a huge part of what we are so thankful for.


You totally can’t tell from the picture, but I ♥ this mirror!  Where it is all antiqued there is sheet music behind it .  It is so pretty and so shabby!


Custom order for someone below.


In case you were wondering, read the chalkboard below!


One last project.  Possibly my favorite sign to date.  Maybe because I am Italian and LOVE to cook, or maybe because it is so cool.  What do you think?


Ta Da!


Give me a shout if you see something you like and don’t forget about the classes.  Let me know ASAP.





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9 responses to “Fall “Intro to {re}imagining With Paint Classes and Workshops

  1. Katrina McAleece

    Love love the sign you did for me!! I can’t wait to put it up!

    Thank you!!


    Sent from my iPad

  2. I was hoping you wouldn’t see this, Katrina, but so glad you love it. See you tomorrow!!

  3. Sara B

    I’m interested in a class on either Saturday. Thanks!

  4. What lovely re-imagined Inventory you have!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert… Dawn… The Bohemian

  5. Julia Lacy

    do you still have that church bench for sale?? if so how much? with school stating i have fallen so behind! want to get a brush back in my hand julia

  6. Kim

    Hello! Over from Heavens Walk.Loving all your signs.Just wanted to stop in for a visit.Nice to meet you~Cheers Kim

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  9. October 20 Workshop, for me and possibly my daughter.

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