Last Chance

This is the last call for a class for October.  If you are considering it, now is the time to commit.  I have a few people interested, but not enough at this point to make October a go.

Here are the details for October/November classes.

We’ve been busy with school and custom orders.  Oh, and painting my son and daughter-in-law’s kitchen cabinets.  Just a wee task. Winking smile



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2 responses to “Last Chance

  1. brooklyn


    So sorry I haven’t been in touch about the classes I was so eagerly pursing a while back! My life got crazy! I sent you some pics a while back and I’m not sure if you still have them. I am needing the “re-imaged” 🙂 we are on a budget of 150.00 is that even possible?? Its 2 pieces…one chest of drawers (brown) and one shorter longer piece with 4 drawers on each side I think (brown). Let me know your thoughts! We have a princess carriage bed for our daughter and are wanting these white with a shabby chic elegant (if you will) look. I will buy new hardware for them too but would like your expertise! We are wanting to do all this sooner than later! Thanks

  2. Melanie Bondy

    Has your daughter gotten her bags on Etsy yet?



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