We Went Shopping . . .

I wish it wasn’t dark and pouring out, I can’t wait to show you what we picked up tonight.  Some really cool treasures for the upcoming “Shop the Barn {boutique} Sale”and a whole lot of solid wood bookshelves.  They are all the shorter variety, sorry to those of you still looking for taller bookshelves.  I am still looking.  Perhaps tomorrow, the pictures.

Also, we have acquired a beautiful 8ft. long harvest table and 8 chairs.  The chairs are not antique, but they are very high quality.  Isn’t the whole set beautiful?!  The finish on the top needs a little bit of work, but it is amazing. 


Oh, and here are a few other beauties we have picked up.  I love the original green paint on this Hoosier.  Do you see the cool grinder??


And then there is this!  This beautiful Hoosier is currently in our Living Room. Yes, our Living Room!  We just could not banish this beauty to the pole barn.  We have always wanted one, but with 1248 sq. ft. and 10 people, it was an unlikely dream.  We are not letting this one go too soon.  Plus, why can’t I have a Hoosier in my Living Room? (these pictures were taken before Mr. {re}imagined came up with the BRILLIANT idea of putting it in the Living Room.  I love that man)



Yeah, I know. So cool, right?


One more thing, we saw these goofy  kids at the park on Sunday and brought them home with us.  Quite the good looking bunch, yes?







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7 responses to “We Went Shopping . . .

  1. Donna

    Do you have any farmhouse dining tables available for sale? I am looking for one that seats 6 people.

  2. Mary Wheeler

    I love the Hoosier…if you decide it needs a new home let me know.

  3. Which one, Mary, the wood one? I love it!

    • Mary Wheeler

      I love both the green would be the perfect color for my kitchen. If you are considering selling either one could I get the dimensions and the price.

  4. Oh my, I love the table, and the wood Hoosier. That green is awesome! You guys really know where to look! One of these days maybe you care share your secret locations! 😀

  5. Judy Gibson

    What great finds…all of them…& I see you saved the best of your treasures for last! ; D

  6. I really love what you found at the playground. you just never know what might turn up!!

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