Bookshelves Galore!

I told you we picked up a few bookshelves.


36” by 36” by 10”


36” by 30” by 10”


36” by 30” by 10”


36” by 27” by 10


60” by 36” by 10”


Darling little stool.  I bought it to paint and recover, but when I heard about the sweet old lady that did the needlework, I might rethink it. Sad smile


Two really cool solid wood chairs and an end table.


I actually think I might be painting this a really cool faux zinc finish, as it already has the beginnings of that look with the metal accents on the corners.


Not bad for one stop shopping, right?  We picked up tons of smalls too, just didn’t photograph them.

Let me know if you are interested before I take my brush to them!



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6 responses to “Bookshelves Galore!

  1. Mandy Herpolsheimer

    Hi Michelle, how much for the 36x27x10 bookshelf? If you could price it as is then a price for you to paint it. I’m thinking a creamy/washed/worn look…not sure. Mandy Herpolsheimer…thanks!

  2. Elana Hostetter

    Hi Michelle.

    Gabi could use a new nightstand. Celery green would be a great color. Not sure if you plans for anything like that. That last little table/shelf piece looks interesting. What do you think? She is currently using a plywood three leg round table with a table cloth. I know she’d like something more sturdy.


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  3. Melissa

    I am interested in bookshelves and 2 chairs. How much? Thinking Antibes green and orange

  4. Melissa

    1 bookshelf. The 2 shelf or the 3

  5. Elma Riedstra

    how much for the wood chairs and book shelf?


    Hi girly do you still have any roosters that your looking for a new home ? thanks Ronda

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