Weekend Wrap Up

The weeks are flying by, it seems.  I am so thankful for all I have been getting done.  I have been plugging away at custom orders and interspersing lots of little projects for the Shop the Barn {boutique} Sale’.  I am having so much fun!  Oh, did you see the new ‘button’ on the sidebar for the sale?  Pretty cool, huh?

Here is a sweet bedroom set for a little girl’s room.  Soft, creamy off white with hints of Duck Egg.  They will be getting super cool hardware which should finish them up nicely.


If you follow my on Facebook you might remember that I couldn’t decide if I wanted to paint the top of this nightstand.  Well, I couldn’t help myself.  I painted it today.  Thanks for all your help in making that life changing decision. (LOL)  This nightstand is available.  Measures; 15 by 18 x 32 and the price is, $115.


I am just about done with this adorable crib.  I so ♥ French Linen with a white wash. 


Isn’t it so pretty?!


It’s never too early show you some ‘sneak peeks’, is it?


I think I used just about every single paint brush I own today.  Sorry Victoria.  (she sweetly cleans my brushes, yes, I am blessed)


There are more pictures, but apparently we have organized our photos, which translates I can’t find what I am looking for.  Perhaps during the Tiger’s game I will sort and organize photos.  {{sigh}}

Hope you are having a fantabulous weekend!  I’ll post the video of the barn coming down today!!  It’s down!  We are so happy.  It has been a lot of work for the guys.  There is a lot of work left, buy boy, is it exciting to see it come down.



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4 responses to “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. chris VW

    you painted a crib! I’ve been dying to paint my daughters but didn’t know if it would be a good ideas, as she chews on EVERYTHING!

  2. HI Chris, yes! I am completely comfortable with the safety of it. I have researched and believe it is as safe as any other paint or finish. I would recommend, for a chewer, to buy one of those plastic, snap on rail guards. They are fairly inexpensive and why not use them, it protects the baby further and the finish too.

  3. Sue Smith

    Antique shopping with a friend in Kokomo, IN this weekend. Thought of you when we were at The Original Treasure Mart; it’s an old warehouse and the third floor is all ‘project’ furniture. You would love it; bring your trailer when you come, though!
    Sue & Judy, Grandville

  4. Your projects never cease to amaze me, sweetie! I love the embellishments on that headboard. They truly add so much elegance. The bedroom set is so pretty, too! Love and hugs to you!! ♥

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