NEW Pick, chairs, tables, dressers and trunks!!

So, I sent Victoria and Josh out on a ‘pick’ today.  They did an awesome job.  Here are some of the pieces we acquired today from a few places.



A solid maple, Ethan Allen dresser.  Pretty ugly right now, but I suspect it will be a looker when we are done with it.  I am wondering if I should do it in a cool turquoise or perhaps Florence??  Or, maybe just a neutral, like Graphite.  What do you think?



This antique table that has amazing legs!  I think I might have 4 antique chairs that will look amazing with this . . . in the great abyss, {sigh}  pole barn.




And yet another antique table!!! I have 4 chairs to this, pictured below.


I can’t hardly stand how cool these legs are. I love the smooth shape of them. I actually saw a table like this painted with a really cool chippy turquoise on the legs with a dark top. I just might do it.


Here are the chairs that go with the table.


A really cool antique wooden trunk.  This is so cool, I might not do a thing to it.



This green trunk will make a very unique coffee table.  I might add some feet/legs to it.  Pretty cool.


I am in LOVE with this dresser.  I have been wanting to paint one of these for some time now.  What color?! 



I just love the shape of it.  So ‘beafy’, yet sort of feminine too.  I describe these kinds of dressers as ‘busty’.  Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the first to think I am off my rocker just a wee bit.


A set of 6 antique chairs.  They will be so cool {re}imagined!


An antique, super chippy, black chair.  I actually might just clean this one up and sell it as is.  Why mess with super cool chippy??

I am taking Monday and Tuesday off to take Mr. {re}imagined out on a whirlwind Anniversary date!  (no, we won’t be picking)  I have some super big surprises lined up for him.  He has no idea.  He will have to be blindfolded as we travel to our destinations.  Me driving and him blindfolded, maybe he won’t think it is great.  LOL  I will share some of the highlights next week.  Twenty-four years with the man of my dreams, I am so blessed. Praising God for this man and this marriage!

Have a wonderful weekend.





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6 responses to “NEW Pick, chairs, tables, dressers and trunks!!

  1. Ivanna Parker

    After painted, how much do you think you would want for the second dresser? My daughter really needs a dresser. Thanks!

  2. elma

    How about the beafy dresser?? I am interested:)

  3. Nancy Pleune

    Awesome pics. Happy Anniversary blessings to you and Brian.

  4. Happy Anniversary! What an awesome milestone for you!

  5. Mandy Herpolsheimer

    Hi Michelle, my husband really likes the antique wooden trunk…how much? Thanks, Mandy Herpolsheimer

  6. Mandy Herpolsheimer

    By the way, happy anniversary!!

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