Anniversary Update

I posted an epic post of the details to our Whirlwind Anniversary Date, you can read about it there, if you like.

We had an awesome time.  Mr. {re}imagined handled the wife driving and being blindfolded pretty well.  He did get a little queasy at times, but did well overall.

It was not our intention to go ‘picking’, but it just seems to happen.  We did pick up another really nice wood bookshelf, this one being a bit taller, and an adorable little children’s table to go with some children’s chairs I have.  Pictures coming up soon.

We did take a ton of pictures, like I said, you can see most of them here.

Here’s a few, just in case you thought we are all serious business minded folk. Someone was being tickled, guess who.IMG_4529IMG_4533IMG_4534IMG_4535IMG_4536IMG_4537IMG_4538

We try to have a little fun every once in awhile. Winking smile

Updated post on the “Shop the Barn {boutique} sale coming up this week!!  Stay tuned for the details on the give away we are doing.



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2 responses to “Anniversary Update

  1. Sooooo stinkin’ cute, Michelle!! You two are just adorable!!!! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  2. you are beautiful Michelle! xo

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