Love It or Hate It?

Well, don’t tell me if you hate it, it might make me cry today.  It’s been one of those days.  Not because of this piece, but you know, just one of those days.

This dresser has been through several transformations and I just about hated each one of them, BUT, I think I am really loving it now.  What do you think?


The pictures aren’t the greatest, I know, but you get the idea.  Sort of outrageous and chippy, right?


Love, love, LOVE this part of it!  Super cook texture and crackle (it did it all by itself)


What do you think, is West Michigan ready for this look?



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17 responses to “Love It or Hate It?

  1. Donna

    I love the color & “chippy” look but I can see bigger knobs on the drawer. Is this one going to be for sale at the Barn Sale?

  2. I ADORE IT! is it available for purchase? need dimensions. thanks

  3. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT, Michelle!!!!!!!! ♥ What colors did you use and how did it chip and crackle so perfectly all by itself…..? It’s just gorgeous, sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  4. Erin, it is 45 by 22 by 35 high. I haven’t decided on hardware yet, but it is right around $250 mark, perhaps less, if the hardware is less. Let me know i have someone else asking too. Thanks!!

  5. Rhonda

    I think its beautiful!! I havent posted on your blog before now but you touched my heart when you said you were having a bad day and I wanted to reach out to you, cuz I’ve been where you are ~ way too many times! I hope things are better for you soon, and remember tomorrow is a new day! I am the first to admit that we women can sometimes be snippy, or “catty” to each other, but we also have the ability to feel empathy for one another and have an extra measure of gentleness for each other. blessings to you!!

  6. Laurie, I will have to give you all the details when we chat or see each other, it was a long drawn out process, trust me 😉 Are you coming to the sale?? I hope to see you!

  7. Kristina jacobs

    Michelle!!!! Stop second guessing yourself my dear:) it is great!! Way out of the box for you, I am proud of you!!! Remember this “it is okay to color outside the lines”

  8. I Love it!!!! Love everything about it, the color, the texture, the knobs, everything!!!! You did good sister!!

  9. I love it! That kind of stuff is hot down here in TN!

  10. Katherine Lime

    LOVE IT, absolutely love it!!!! Is it for sale?

    Thanks, Katherine

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  11. Mary Musil

    Ok, so I’m not that crazy about it…but, that’s not important, what is important is how you see it and look at all the other folks who love it? Right? That’s right… continue to inspire by your willingness to experiment, and put your art out there for all to see…and you are an artist…you really are!!!

  12. Tammy Walker

    LOVE it!

  13. I think it looks lovely and sometimes you need to go through some hard steps and re-dos before you get to what it is supposed to be! Kinda like how He changes us….

  14. Tracy

    Love it!! It’s one of a kind – that’s part of what makes it so COOL!!!!

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