Weekend Wrap-Up 11/17

You remember this cool dresser, right?



Sometimes just a coat of a creamy white is all they need.  This dresser went to WONDERFUL home!


Incredibly fun Intro class today!


Instead of painting frames in our Intro class, we decided to utilizing some of those 600 cabinet doors we acquired months ago.


I think they turned out brilliantly, don’t you?


Next week we kick into ‘try to get done every single idea on my to-do before the sale’ list.  And then the following week is is ‘staging and primp’ week!

I will be sure and post ‘sneak peeks’ all week if I can.  But tomorrow, we rest, inhale, deep exhale!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.






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3 responses to “Weekend Wrap-Up 11/17

  1. Laurie Shoemaker

    Ugh!!!! I can’t leave any comments on any blogs tonight for some crazy reason, Michelle! Drivin’ me batty!

    Anyway…..Just wanted to let you know that you continue to amaze me with your multiple jobs being wife, mother, vendor, painter, teacher……you truly amaze me. 🙂
    Everyone looks like they’re having so much fun in your class! I’m glad that it was so successful!

    Hey, how did your interview come out, anyway…??


    Laurie ♥

  2. Sharon

    they’re beautiful! Love this idea for an intro class 🙂 Really lovin’ that bird still!

  3. Gina

    I love the doors too, especially the bird one. Beautiful!

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